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Planetary Health: Carbon footprinting, EMS and so much more

Blue Morph butterfly symbolising transition and planetary health
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The Greenheart Planetary Health team means business: We are seasoned experts in all aspects of technical sustainability and environmental impact assessment, but with a twist. 

Inspired always by nature’s four billion years of getting sustainability right, we apply the same holistic, interconnected thinking to our advice. We go beyond carbon to explore the impacts of your company on all aspects of planetary health and support your mission to give back more than you take.

Blue Morph butterfly symbolising transition and planetary health
Stamp style image with 'Business first, green at heart' caption
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When it comes to taking action on environmental impact, it’s easy to be stunned into inactivity by the complexity of the challenge. The modern global economy, built on the cheap availability of oil and other finite resources, means negative impact on planetary health is intricately woven into the fabric of everything we do. 

It doesn’t have to be like that; by taking a holistic but paced approach to decoupling your company’s growth from environmental degradation we can support you through a business model transition from degenerative, through sustainable, to regenerative. Our goal in every project is to facilitate a leadership and operational shift towards true business model resilience, where your company gives back more than it takes and builds long-term value in every sense. 

To achieve this our focus areas include:

Environmental impact assessment and improvement

Carbon emissions are the poster-child for all environmental impact, and rightly so. Global heating from carbon emissions poses a real and existential threat to our ecosystems, societies and economies. They are relatively easy to measure and codify and global agreements and frameworks exist to drive reduction.

So carbon footprinting, target setting & net zero strategy development are naturally part of our core offering. 

We work with a carefully chosen carbon data platform, Carbon+Alt+Delete, to capture and assess data, allowing consistent and reliable footprint reports that can be tracked over time. We engage teams in data-driven operational reduction planning so that every recommendation is bespoke and actionable, not generic or unachievable. Reduction targets will always be in line with the science and, where appropriate, we will support you through their validation by the Science Based Targets Initiative

Equally important is our biodiversity impact baselining and improvement offering:

Nature, with its tangible and visible presence, stirs action and connection in all of us. But beyond that, biodiversity is crucial to life on earth, therefore underpins its societies, economies and businesses. We now know that over 50% of the world’s total GDP is dependent on high functioning biodiversity but that biodiversity is under threat with a 69% decline in wildlife populations since 1970.

This is why we feel strongly about the business imperative for understanding and measuring impact on biodiversity and have developed a service line to support our clients do exactly that. 

Environmental Management System (EMS) design and implementation

The key to good environmental impact management is data: the right data, well organised and available at the right time and place. Wrapped within a framework of policies and tools, any company taking its impact seriously needs a good EMS in place. 

We have designed, built and implemented environmental management systems for companies of all shapes and sizes, tailoring our approach to the operational needs of the organisation but guided always by best practice. 

We align our EMS with the ISO14001 framework, preparing those who need it for full accreditation. 

Sustainable supply chain impact measurement and management

With around 90% of any company’s carbon footprint coming from scope 3, supply chain is where the greatest impact gains are to be had. Yet supply chains are complex, global and transactional without the degree of direct control a company has over its scopes 1 and 2. 

Our view is simple: environmental impact is everyone’s problem. We have worked with dozens of companies to develop collaborative and independent solutions to supply chain impact management: from articulating simple ESG expectations, combined data gathering and screening/monitoring processes through to progressive collaborative efforts on impact improvement. 

We work with clients and their suppliers to see each other as more than parties to a transaction, but essential partners in finding solutions to shared challenges. 

To discuss your company’s planetary health needs, reach out to emma@greenheartbusiness.com

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