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Earth Day 2024

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This Earth Day we are celebrating Mother Earth and all of her natural wisdom. Our planet is the original blueprint for how all living systems work. In our daily working lives at Greenheart we borrow from Earth’s 4bn years of R&D and emulate nature’s ways of working because we believe in the resilience they provide.

This Earth Day, we’re asking: What Would Nature Do? As we say in our internal Manifesto:

          “We need to lead like nature and move away from fear, command and control of people and planet and towards authenticity, courage and interdependence.” – Greenheart Manifesto

Here are some examples of regenerative business practices that we’ve implemented:

Belonging to an Ecosystem

Working in silos is not common in nature. We are all interdependent and have an impact on one another’s work whilst each having a unique role to play. 

          “A nurturing energy is the beating heart of our ecosystem and invigorates each of us to show up without pretence or prejudice” – Greenheart Manifesto

Systems Thinking

We co-create in partnership with our clients, rather than tell them what to do. By inspiring people to think in systems we are shifting mindsets to align with how the natural world works, not just ‘doing less harm’.  

          “Our clients don’t tick boxes. They transform their business in a way that feels ownable, actionable and exciting, learning from the wisdom of living systems” – Greenheart Manifesto

Seasonal Gatherings

Once each season – around the time of the solstices and equinoxes – we come together, in beautiful natural surroundings, to share stories, seek answers and remind ourselves of our humanity.

          “There is power in storytelling – stories shape our lives: how we live them, why we live them and what it means to be human. It is also through stories that we dare to imagine a better world”Alice Aedy

Planetary Boundaries

We educate people about planetary boundaries and the urgency of staying within them. We believe a healthy planet and a just society are intertwined, so we champion solutions that promote both environmental impact and social wellbeing.

          “Other species don’t pull vast quantities of yesterday’s sunlight out of the ground, toss away things no other species has evolved to eat, or poison the places their own seedlings grow. If any ever did, they are not around today. But we are nature too – just clever naked apes that went down the fossil fuel rabbit hole to suckle at the beguiling teat of yesterday’s sunshine”Tamsin Woolley-Barker

Adaptable Working

As individuals, we all have our preferred methods and times for working. And if this means we need to re-ground to work our best then we can do so. 

          “Future success will be determined by organizations’ ability to be more innovative, agile, purposeful and resilient” – Giles Hutchins

We commit to protect, nurture and learn from nature by giving it a voice so that it informs every decision we take. We are grateful to Mother Earth for sharing her wisdom, today and every day. 

We are a partner for companies that want to transition to a future-fit economy. To join the regenerative business movement email contact@greenheartbusiness.com

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