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Sustainability is
no longer enough

To be fit for the economy of the future, businesses need to give back more than they take from society and the environment.

Our work
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We believe the prizes will be huge for companies that integrate positive impact into all their strategies and decision-making processes.

Future proofing
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We know what it takes to achieve a transformative shift to resilient, regenerative business practice. We’ve done it for others and we can do it for you.

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What people say

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“I would recommend Greenheart’s services to anyone and have done so on numerous occasions. Their input is measured, concise and most of all, achievable.”

Stef Sahmel, Head of Sustainability, Abel & Cole

“Greenheart were an absolute pleasure to work with and their expertise and experience were instrumental in us achieving B Corp certification in record time.”

Garreth Griffith, Chief Impact Officer, Habito

“Greenheart’s engagement and interest in our work was genuine and Tom’s personal touch was much appreciated.”

Achilles Tsaltas, President, Democracy & Culture Foundation

“Greenheart has done some amazingly thorough and detailed work for us, reviewing our supplier code of conduct and B Impact Assessment. We look forward to working with them on other challenges going forward.”

Ruvan Mendis, COO, graze

“It has been a pleasure working with Greenheart on our B Corp journey. Thank you, we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Stephen Boobyer, CEO, World of Books Group

“Greenheart’s unique combination of absolute expertise in this specialist area and background in running businesses is pretty special. They understand the fine balance between the theory and putting things into practice – more than any consultant I’ve ever worked with!”

Clare Twiss, Head of Marketing, Vegetarian Express

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Greenheart on our social impact project. They got to know our business and strategy very quickly and provided us with some really great ideas which we are excited to implement. They did a great job pulling it all together and presenting the findings to our Executive Team. Thanks again for all your help!"

Karen Jamison, Head of Sustainability, Workspace Group plc

"Greenheart were absolutely pivotal in enabling us to get B Corp certification, helping us break down an enormous task into achievable steps. For any company considering going on the B Corp journey, the very first stop on the map should be chatting to Greenheart!"

Tom Box, Co-founder of Blue Zoo Animation Studio

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